Lodyhelp - Kết nối người nước ngoài với địa phương.

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Nền tảng kết nối người nước ngoài và quảng bá dịch vụ địa phương. Hệ sinh thái dịch các dịch vụ tiện ích ở một thành phố mới: chỗ ở, ẩm thực, gặp gỡ bạn bè, mua sắm, thuê xe, giặt ủi, gym& yoga, vật nuôi. Cộng đồng buddy tại địa phương giúp đỡ bạn trong mọi việc cả online và offline.

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Lodyhelp - Kết nối người nước ngoài với địa phương.


Lodyhelp & Its Story

Authored by Lodyhelp Team
July 2019 3 RD


  • What is Lodyhelp?



Lodyhelp stands for Local Buddy Help - a platform to connect foreigners with locals.
— Where foreigners can find a home for long-term renting with cheap price in a reliable site.
— Easily pick up a service to serve your staying.
— Make friends with local buddies and discover all local.


● What problems is Lodyhelp solving?

— Seeking a home or a place to stay long-term in reliable sites and cheap prices.
— Taking time for seeking on many platforms, many sites because of uncolective utility services.
— Adaption & discovery: cultures shock, lifestyle, cuisine, languages.


● And now, let’s see what makes Lodyhelp unique?

— Long-term and cheap accommodation

— Eco-services

— Local blog site

— Package option

— Guidebook

— Buddy team

— Chat system

— Blockchain - Automatic payment (future)

— AI Technology

— Easy to manage host’s datas on Lodyhelp

— Real review system


1. Long-term; cheap accommodation


2. Utility services

Lodyhelp creates an all-in-one information site that users don't need to search on other sites


3. Local Blog – How to live like a local


4. Guidebook – Survival guideline in Danang ; Hoian


— Basic regulations of transportation and urgent situations.
— The top best destination for food, drink, beauty care, sightseeing, and shopping.
— The trustable advice to enjoy a wonderful life like a local.

5. Package option


— Just set a location and we will give you a package including home and eco-services nearby.
— In the future, AI will help us to do this by tracking user behaviour to give out the fit demand as what user did.

6. Buddy team - Be willing to support


—  Student who are carving to exchange culture, make friend and promote our local to foreigners
— We are also Property agents who can support foreigners to virtally see houses, apartments before making a decision for long-term staying.
— We both can speak well English and be verified by Lodyhelp so that we are very useful and trusty.

7. Chat – All expats are here


— Real-time support by buddies.
— Connect with other expats.
— Get help as fastest as you can by setting a GPS to scan expats or buddies nearby.

8. AI – Everything become easier


Suggest the most appropriate price for the host by comparing host properties with other properties on Lodyhelp.

Lodyhelp user behavior tracking system with GPS can provide suggestions suitable for user insight at that location.

9. Blockchain – Pay without cash


Blockchain-based automatic payment system helps users do not need to bring cash when going abroad.

10. Easy to manage data for host


— A platform that host can list their services and their rental home on Lodyhelp.
— Host can also manage their listing and their customers on Lodyhelp.
— No member fees.

11. Real review system


— Allow user to review on home, on services to keep track of customer satissfaction.
— In the future, hosts and merchants also can review their customers to be trustier.

● The next steps of Lodyhelp?

● How Lodyhelp’s idea begin and the aspiration to be the first platform for foreigners?


Lodyhelp is derived from the desire to create more value for the community, improve the lives of local people and desire to apply technology to all areas, especially the tourism industry.

The application of smart technology not only increases the convenience for visitors but also enhances the position of the domestic tourism.

Lodyhelp’s aspiration to be:
— The first platform that small local services can be promoted and in track of 4.0 technology age.
— The first platform that foreigners support both offline and online with local buddy team.
— The platform that we can know what foreigners are doing in that country.
— The platform that foreigner can pay automatically without cash.

● Lodyhelp Team

Lodyhelp communities and campaigns

Vietnam expat guide communities.

Tet campaign: special articles about Tet.


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