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Easy to find work. Lite to find candidate. Automation system and machine learning to do that. Cut down sale team.

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Recruitment demands in fast changing markets such as Vietnam is unpredictable, and demands can arise quickly. Traditional Online Recruitment Systems aren’t equipped to meet such pace. They are also expensive for small to medium size companies. comes with free job posts and a dashboard with free to use application management software. With its fully automated system, the startup is able to minimize the cost for employers, the only need to pay a nominal amount to unlock the contact information of candidates they find most suitable.

Why did you pick this idea to work on?

In Vietnam, only in HCMC (76.000) and HN (55.000) have at least 131.000 restaurants, hotels, F&B. The money which hire people to work for barista, bartender, chief, waiter/waitress... can be 700.000 USD per month. Especial thing, we don’t have any big company in this field, that’s why we made

We have 4 keys thing believe can work:

- Amount of return hiring people is too big and that's speciality of this field.
- The biggest company have not target this field or focusing high level.
- With automated system, we run it without sale team with only 4 people.
- Pricing: Employer post job for free, and only from 1 USD for 1 candidate you think that suitable with your business. Doesn't charge candidate.

Are you launched? if so, how many user do you have?

We run it officially on Jan 2018. Data we have calculated to May 2018:
Candidate: 19,583
Employer: 1,650
Jobs: 2,55
We aim to 2019 can reach 10% Employer of HCMC and HN. That could be 70.000 USD/month.

Our Team:

Thinh Phan (Co-founder) – Digital Marketing lead
- Background: 6 years in Digital Marketing
- Experiences: Digital marketing plan for 4 stars (Vietnam Airlines), HR2B, VCSC, Acet …
- Expert in Search Marketing: SEO, PPC, UX/UI website, Big data analysis

Lan Le (Co-founder) – Technique Lead
- Background: 6 years in Coding development
- Expert in website coding, mobile app, Java. Lan create all of things website and app in

Sumesh Peringeth (Co-founder) – Director, Indian
- Background: 7 years CEO in Dinosaur (Creative agency in Vietnam)
- Expert in creative ideation, operating company.

Hong Do – Recruitment Consultant
- Background: 20 years expriences in Head hunter field in Austraulia, Canada
- Expert in head hunter, set-up and consultant human resources.

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Ủng hộ dự án Chưa đến thời gian gọi vốn

1.000.000 vnd

Đồng - Dự án tương đối tốt

5.000.000 vnd

Bạc - Dự án khá tốt, có tiềm năng

10.000.000 vnd

Vàng - Dự án rất tốt, rất tiềm năng

20.000.000 vnd

Bạch kim - Dự án xuất sắc, rất tiềm năng, khả thi vnd
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